Emptying Our Closets – And Filling Theirs!

Thanks to all who dropped off donations (piles of them!) to help Women Helping Women this month. All of us at WCF Insurance and AmberCo Services couldn’t be more grateful for your help!


I remember going through my closet, looking for something, anything to wear that looked remotely presentable. It was 1971. I had just moved back to Barstow, California (more like, escaped), and I desperately needed a job so my baby and I could move out of my parents’ home. We had fled LA, where my soon-to-be ex-husband had beaten me one too many times. I was ready to start over and make a new life for little Randy and me.

But I didn’t have much to wear – just one dress (which I wore to my interviews), and something that resembled business pants for my first day on the job. I alternated between my limited wardrobe for quite a while until I could afford something else.

Image1All of those memories came flooding back during our recent clothing drive for Women Helping Women. We put out a call for women’s business clothing, and I am overwhelmed at the response we got! Thanks to all those who dropped off pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, scarves, purses, shoes – everything women need who are in the process of putting their lives together and entering the workforce. These are brave women, supported by groups like the Junior League’s Women Helping Women program.

WCF Insurance and AmberCo Services (the foundation my Imagehusband, Jim, and I started with the mission to empower single mothers and young girls to not only survive – but thrive) couldn’t be more appreciative of the donations! We want everyone to feel good and confident when pursuing new opportunities, and you’ve helped make that possible for more women. It was a week-long drive that resulted in piles and piles of beautiful clothes and accessories – enough to fill my entire SUV AND a truck!

As a young single mom who knew all too well how difficult it can be make it on your own, I am grateful for all those who helped me along my journey. It’s a privilege now to join with the community and make the way a little easier for other women on their path to a better life!


To find out how you can be a part of future AmberCo efforts, click “Follow” for updates on this blog. And for more on my journey, visit www.beyondmywildest.com.


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