women helping womenMake your spring cleaning count – donate professional women’s clothing and help women dress for success this week! It’s all part of empowering women to thrive! #BeyondMyWildest

I’d like to invite everyone to join AmberCo and WCF Insurance in our community-wide volunteer effort – supporting Women Helping Women, a program operated by the Junior League of Salt Lake City.

WHAT: Drop off your gently used PROFESSIONAL women’s clothing and essentials to WCF Insurance. Donations may include:

  • Women’s business clothes: pants, tops, skirts, suits
  • Accessories: purses, scarves, jewelry, shoes (in decent condition), winter coats
  • Essentials: brand new bras, brand new underwear, brand new toiletries

WHEN: TODAY through June 8

WHERE: Drop off your donations in the front lobby:

WCF Insurance

100 W. Towne Ridge Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84070

WHY: Women Helping Women is a program that supports women entering the workforce, who are in transition towards self-sufficiency. AmberCo and WCF are pleased to support this important program!

My husband Jim and I founded AmberCo with the mission of “empowering single mothers and young women to not only survive—but to thrive.” We named the foundation in honor of our daughter Amber, who passed away after a brief but beautiful 19 months of life, and we’re excited to be in the process of establishing its 501(c)3 division, Amber Haven, so we can do even more to help women improve their lives.

Having been a single mother myself, struggling to pay the rent and feed my baby, I know all too well how difficult it is to overcome personal obstacles and move ahead with work, all while caring for your little ones. This clothing drive is just the first of many things we’ll be doing to help empower women. Join us – click “Follow” on our News and Blog pages.


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