Easter Eggs Filled with … Love

From the Easter egg hunts when the kids are young to symbols of love and renewal, what does Easter mean to you?

When our kids were young, the coming of Easter meant so many things. We never had a lot, so it meant scraping together our loose change to get treats for their baskets. And there was always the big egg-coloring day. The years we had chickens in our yard back in California, we’d go out and gather piles of fresh eggs. I’d line up the cups just as my mom had when I was young, filled with red, blue, green, pink and orange food coloring and vinegar (oh vinegar – something my mom used for everything, from a shiny hair rinse for us girls to window cleaner to a tablespoon-full just for good health – I guess?). The boys would go to town on the eggs, dipping, dying, and adding a few personal touches with half-broken crayons.

Easter morning my husband, Jim, and I would scatter them through the yard and laugh as the boys chased, pushed and raced each other to the eggs. By the time the smashed-up remains were collected in their baskets, nobody wanted to have much to do with eating them. But the memories were made, and the love was shared.

I think for most of us, whatever our traditions, Easter brings with it a sense of renewal. A time to reflect on what really matters to us, on what we can leave in the past, and what we want to take with us into the future. This past year has held a lot of that reflection for me, as I’ve ventured into writing my book, Beyond My Wildest, looking back over the past 60-plus years of living, loving, learning and letting go.

easter quote
Since the book has come out, I’ve received several notes, connected with so many great people. So many of you have shared a bit of your stories with me, your heartaches, your triumphs, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve been uplifted and inspired by you – and I kind of think that’s the whole point, isn’t it? For all of us to help each other move forward, to give each other strength, to help each other get through.

So as you get ready to celebrate Easter this year, I hope it’s filled with all the traditions you cherish (we’ll keep the egg-coloring going with our grandson Zach!). I also hope you’re able to take a few moments to reflect on the past, the present, the future, and to connect with those who have touched your life. Send them a note, give them a call, drop them a text or post a quick thank you. Let’s scatter love just like brightly colored eggs, and make it the most meaningful Easter yet!

Share what Easter means to you. #EasterEggLove #BeyondMyWildest #AmberCoCares


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